It’s the final countdown

Welcome to my blog,

All my stuff is shipped out and hopefully will arrive at the start of this 3 month ride.   We,10 riders, are going from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  Virginia to Oregon. The tradition is to dip our wheels in each ocean. I will do that , but cautiously , as I don’t want to start my ride with sand in my gears. So , I will lift the bike up over my head, and maybe just stand  in the water. Hopefully, we will attain the EFI.  That means , every fabulous inch. or you can change the f word to” frickin”!!!  When I was a UPS man, the F word was Fedex, but I actually like those guys. They seem to be more relaxed, and definitely have better customer service.

There will also be 2 leaders who ride every other day. One drives the van to the next campsite, and the other rides with the group. This route is called the Transam, and it is an established route, put together on it’s first ride in 1976. The company and map writers, are We mostly camp, but we occasionally stay in some second rate hotels. Personally, I like the camping best, as some hotels have crummy beds, and run down facilities. You know what you get when your in your little tent. We will all do some cooking, and the leaders will do the food shopping mostly. So, this is a modest , humble , ride, without the luxuries of some posh companies. However, it is a grade up from some people who ride self supported and just pitch a tent anywhere. They are the tough ones!!!!

I will try to write every 3rd or 4th day, but we shall see. I’m using an ipad 2, and it may not be so cooperative. It doesn’t seem to like uploading photos. We shall see. Also forgive me for not being a n exciting writer, but I’m new at this blog thing.


6 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown

  1. Your cousin Jon is jealous of you taking these fantastic trips. Looking forward to seeing pix along the way. Remember, Boston is on the same side of the country as Virginia—you are always welcome to come visit.

  2. Have FUN, Huey! I know you will. You may not be an exciting writer, but I’m sure you will have something exciting to write about! Looking forward to your posts.

    • I am so glad to be able hear about your trip and hopefully see some of your beautiful photos. Why are you pedaling East to West?
      Sue & Ed

  3. Go get them Huey. Send photos of your Safeway Broasted Chicken Special and BBQ Chicken that I know you will cook on an open pit barbecue somewhere on the ride! Please post your photos. Lots of them. Especially those that show your North Face Expedition tent out in the middle of a field all by itself. It’s a statement about your independence and strength of will. And that snoring thing.

    Truly, I really want to read your journal every day, so post!

    And Huey, NO we are not there yet!


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